Anna grew up in a small town near Venice, in Italy. After graduating from high school, she moved to New York and received her Associate’s Degree in Acting from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2020. She is currently enrolled at The New School, where she is majoring in Literary Studies with a concentration in Writing. 

Anna is interested in themes such as identity, cultural origin, and language. She is particularly curious about the issue of language — what it offers, what is lost in its absence, and what is added or removed when this language is substituted with another one.

Her play Cherry Blossom Trees has been accepted into The New York Theatre Festival at the Hudson Guild Theatre.

Her essays “I vestiti in frigorifero, e le bugie a mio padre” and “I tortellini che servono al mondo ora” have been published in the section Futura of the Italian newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, in 2020.